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March Update

You may notice some buttons being removed from the RPG Encounter Companion. I am still going to implement those features but Apple have moaned about having links to content that is not yet present. As I like to keep the app the same for all platforms, these will be removed for Amazon and Google next month too.

In March, I added the free content for two of the Travel areas, Road and River. There are now thousands of campsite variants and a random encounter table for each. I also combined the campsite with the random encounter tables to get more descriptive encounters or camp sites. I’ve posted a few below.

Who are these warriors up ahead? Is it a rescue mission? An arrest? A macabre internment?
Camped for the night, the party are surprised to observe a trader, pedalling long lost texts emerge from the reeds. Where did he get these from? Is there a structure hidden in the nearby fens?
The group of adventurers are pleased when the river opens out into a lake as the banks are rumoured to be infested with evil creatures. Anchoring out of bow range, they make camp for the night. Something in the murky depths stirs.

In April, I’ll be working on the free content for the final four Travel areas; Forest, Plains, Mountains and Hills. Once complete, I’ll be looking into adding a way to export a saved session encounter list (premium users only) to a pdf or text file. Characters and events are the focus after that.

Happy adventuring!

Free content Added

I’ve released the Hamlet free content for the RPG Encounter Companion early. I spotted a bug on a submissions page that I couldn’t live with. My app vitals showed two crashes and I’ve never had a crash before so I had to stop that right away! I’ve run through my test plan again and it hasn’t thrown up anymore bugs or crashes. That’ll teach me to change even something minor as a name after I’ve tested the app prior to release! Please accept my apologies for one, causing the bug in the first place, and two, for having to give you another update so soon.

The good news is that you now have a hamlet random encounter table, places of interest and names three weeks earlier than expected!

I’m now starting work on the free content for the Travel encounter part of the app. That’s going to be a bit more complex than the previous three areas but I’ll see how much I can get done for the March update. I’m hoping that will all be done by the end of April.

Happy Gaming!

February Update

All of the new features introduced this month are free. Please consider unlocking the tavern to help fund this app. I’d rather keep it advert free!

As mentioned in the mid Feb update below, I added 200 extra second names this month.

Sneaking around Trappersworth has gained Yolis the nickname, “The Whisperer”

Also I mentioned the algorithm was complete for the places/points of interest in the city. We thought of a few more so there are over 40 unique places and, as I described, there are various states, features and types those can be so there are over 18,000 of those now.

A market is one place that can come up. This will automatically generate multiple stalls.
The places are weighted towards being “in use” with an 8% chance of something extra.

The last goal to complete this month was the City encounter table which I managed to finish at 2am last night! That was cutting it fine! This table is a traditional random one that can be rolled whenever the GM fancies something to happen!

The party almost stumble into the guard patrol just rounding the corner. Hope no-one is wanted!

That’s your lot folks! Next month, I’ll be working on the free features for the Hamlet part of the app which will be a hamlet name generator, points of interest and a random encounter table.

Mid Feb update

Work continues on the free parts of the RPG Encounter Companion.

I’ve already added 200 second names for NPCs of format “firstName The yyyy”.

Also, I’ve put in the content for places in the city. Currently, there are 38 types but have various variants for the state of the place, a few features and, for mercantile locations, all the various occupations/goods those could be. I believe that gives over 18,000 variants. I’ve written the algorithm for that and will be coding that this week.

That leaves the City encounter tables to complete for this month’s update.

Vicky is working on the characters and events for the plot hooks. We’ve got 100 character hooks but they need to be fleshed out as they are just brief prompts at the moment.

I’ll have a full update at the end of the month.

Over 2 QUINTILIAN Choices!

Rather than release four separate apps, we’ve decided to roll them into one. The thinking being, all you need will be in one central place. With that in mind, we’re changing the name of the app to “RPG Encounter Companion”

The new look front screen

We’re going to add four encounter areas initially. “Inn” is complete and we’re working on “City” at the moment. Vicky is working on the city Character/Event Plot Hooks and I’ve been adding free city content.

The City menu

I’ve added almost 350,000 district names that take a few formats.

I wonder how this place got its name?

Then did a bit of research to generate over 650k street names that also come in a few formats.

A place to pick up a bargain or a new magic item?

But what blew me away was the NPC name generator. I had to learn to break down language into vowel and consonant groupings, make up some second names and then combine them with the code from the district name generator. The first name variations came in at over 4 billion combinations! The second name was a lot tougher and I’ll have to revisit that but that was over 1500 variations. So working all the possible combinations together meant that there were over 2 Quintilian combos! During testing my favourite was, “Ooer Noloins of Lonely Lover Wood”! Spin that reroll button a few hundred times you’ll not get a duplicate!

I think I’d drink if I lived in that scary sounding place!

I’ll be back for the February update. Happy adventuring!


App Update – Launch!

The app, RPG Inn and Tavern Companion, has been launched on Amazon, Apple App Store and Google Play. You can read all about it on our new apps landing page:

Briefly: 18,000+ inn names, 300+ character and 150+ event descriptions, 53,000 words of content, ability to save, hide and submit content.

Need to fix the submissions screen which works perfectly but is a bit ugly. Also, will look to add an evening planner to add saved content to and then save as a pdf to be printed and taken to the table or VTT. 

App update – Inn Content completed

Over 53,000 words of content in the end! I am now adding a bit of extra functionality which should be completed by Friday and then the final piece of coding which adds in-app purchasing. It’ll then be tested on multiple devices and, if that goes OK, I’m hoping for a release first week of December.

App Update – Content, content, content.

The app is ready to go from a coding perspective but we have been going back over and adding new content. There is now over 40,000 words of premium material and we’re still not finished! Hopefully soon but we’re not going to rush it as there are no financial pressures to do so.

App Update – Moving

The vendor of the development software was unable to resolve the Nexus 7 issue but luckily I was able to work it out myself.

The Mac Mini is all set up so I was able to deploy the app to my iPad and the wife’s iPhone with no issues.

Fully registered as a developer for Android (£25 one off fee), Amazon (free) and iOS (£79 a year) now so the app will be released on all three platforms.

Moving on Monday so packing everything at the moment with little time to finish the last parts of the app (rewrite content, create some short scenarios).

Will post again in August.

App update – Bug fixing

There is a strange problem with old Nexus 7 devices (Android v5.1) which show fail messages but not success messages. This is even more confusing in that the success is not a full success as nothing is logged to my log file but it can connect to the php file.

Testing on a Samsung S6 and the test sandbox environment is fine.

Arriving this week is a Mac Mini so testing can begin on Apple products. Hopefully the bug is confined to old Android versions.

Regardless, I’ve posted online to a forum where i hope I can get some fresh eyes on the problem.