March Update

You may notice some buttons being removed from the RPG Encounter Companion. I am still going to implement those features but Apple have moaned about having links to content that is not yet present. As I like to keep the app the same for all platforms, these will be removed for Amazon and Google next month too.

In March, I added the free content for two of the Travel areas, Road and River. There are now thousands of campsite variants and a random encounter table for each. I also combined the campsite with the random encounter tables to get more descriptive encounters or camp sites. I’ve posted a few below.

Who are these warriors up ahead? Is it a rescue mission? An arrest? A macabre internment?
Camped for the night, the party are surprised to observe a trader, pedalling long lost texts emerge from the reeds. Where did he get these from? Is there a structure hidden in the nearby fens?
The group of adventurers are pleased when the river opens out into a lake as the banks are rumoured to be infested with evil creatures. Anchoring out of bow range, they make camp for the night. Something in the murky depths stirs.

In April, I’ll be working on the free content for the final four Travel areas; Forest, Plains, Mountains and Hills. Once complete, I’ll be looking into adding a way to export a saved session encounter list (premium users only) to a pdf or text file. Characters and events are the focus after that.

Happy adventuring!