Inn and Tavern Companion on DriveThruRPG

Cover of pdf

I’ve taken the Inn/Tavern content from the RPG Encounter Companion, added some more tables and released this as a pdf on DriveThruRPG.

Here is the blurb from the listing…

The Inn and Tavern Companion is all you need to make your players’ stay a memorable one.

The tables within allow combinations to generate:

  • Inn/Tavern names – thousands of combinations
  • Food – hundreds of combinations
  • Drinks
  • Staff
  • Standard of accommodation
  • Patrons who frequent the establishment
  • Quirks that make the inn/tavern unique

The rest of the book has hundreds of adventure hooks for events and characters that should spark your imagination and give you that starting point for a memorable stay for your players.

Using the content in this book, after a few rolls we have…

The Drowsy Donkey. Tonight it is serving a choice of steamed carp or seared badger with onions and mushrooms. Amongst the usual ale, mead and cider is a strange concoction known locally as Troll Sweat. Accommodation is good, well known for their comfy beds but the landlady is quite deaf. This may be due to the patrons loving a good sing song. One thing that strikes the party is the faint outlines of a summoning circle that the locals think is just a pretty pattern. 

Looking for a character hook, a roll turns up…

Dragor, until recently, was a member of the renowned Order of the White Cloaks. Unfortunately, after a nasty blow to the head, he developed a fear of swords, restrictive clothing and horses. His last battle saw him take the field on a large goat, donned in a sarong and wielding a broom before abandoning the fight all together. He took up a lute and began preaching peace to those about him. Although seemingly suffering from mental trauma, the power of a god is growing within him, giving his wandering words a supernatural force.

or possibly an event…

The tavern is bustling with trade when the adventurers come in. The food and ale are cheap and plentiful and the landlord offers a discount for ‘the brave adventurers’ A while later a man walks in with what appears to be two minders. He is holding a document in his hand and walks straight to the bar speaking with the landlord in fairly polite tones at first. When the landlord appears to argue, the man signals to the two minders who go around the tavern emptying plates of food onto the floor. They then proceed to the kitchen where shouting can be heard. The man clears his throat and speaks to the angry customers. ‘Twelve people have died of poisoning in this town in the last three days and each one of them was a patron of this tavern. Until we discover the cause no one will leave and no one will eat!’