June Update

We’re up to over 700 downloads now! Please leave me a rating so I can reach others. If it is going to be a bad one, please talk to me first so I can see if I can change anything to change your mind!

I updated the app this month with some more second names, about another 40 which combine with another list so hundreds more combinations are available.

For those of you who unlocked the Tavern premium content, I have added the ability to mail a saved encounter list to an address you specify. You can then print, edit or whatever it later. Please make sure you check your spam folder if you are sure you got the address correct but still haven’t received the list. My yahoo mail sent it straight to spam but now sends it direct to my inbox.

Work continues on the premium content for the City.

Also, shameless plug again, please check out our actual play sessions for Rolemaster and Adventures in Middle-Earth if you like that sort of thing. I also release them as podcasts in case you fancy a listen to some not too serious roleplaying whilst driving etc. ( https://wolfshield.podbean.com/ )

Here’s a short taster for the latest Rolemaster session…

Anyway, this month I’ll be working on the premium content and also sort out some of the behind the scenes code stuff to make the app easier for me to work with.

Happy Gaming!