August Update

We now have OVER 1000 ACTIVE USERS!

Not much done on the app this month as I’ve spent three out of the four and half weeks of August on holiday abroad! Alas, not from the proceeds for the RPG Encounter Companion! This app actually costs me money! Annually, I spend £80 for Apple’s developer licence and almost £150 for website costs. We currently have 34 users who unlocked the Inn premium content (thanks for the support by the way, you’re brilliant). After tax and Google/Apple/Amazon’s cut that is not even £100! Once I release the final free content for the Coastal location, I’m going to have a serious think about whether to put time into more premium content for other areas as that will run into 100s of thousands of words. I may just support the free content and add more to the Inn premium features. Let me know what you think.

During September, I’ll hope to finish the Coastal location.

Happy adventuring!