Free content Added

I’ve released the Hamlet free content for the RPG Encounter Companion early. I spotted a bug on a submissions page that I couldn’t live with. My app vitals showed two crashes and I’ve never had a crash before so I had to stop that right away! I’ve run through my test plan again and it hasn’t thrown up anymore bugs or crashes. That’ll teach me to change even something minor as a name after I’ve tested the app prior to release! Please accept my apologies for one, causing the bug in the first place, and two, for having to give you another update so soon.

The good news is that you now have a hamlet random encounter table, places of interest and names three weeks earlier than expected!

I’m now starting work on the free content for the Travel encounter part of the app. That’s going to be a bit more complex than the previous three areas but I’ll see how much I can get done for the March update. I’m hoping that will all be done by the end of April.

Happy Gaming!