App update 6

Over 53,000 words of content in the end! I am now adding a bit of extra functionality which should be completed by Friday and then the final piece of coding which adds in-app purchasing. It’ll then be tested on multiple devices and, if that goes OK, I’m hoping for a release first week of December.

App Update 5

The Support side of the business continues slowly but steadily and we’ve been brought in to provide training two days a week at a local company.

The app is ready to go from a coding perspective but we have been going back over and adding new content. There is now over 40,000 words of premium material and we’re still not finished! Hopefully soon but we’re not going to rush it as there are no financial pressures to do so.

Good start

Four appointments. Four happy customers. 1 Google review and 1 review on here! About to pay for local paper advertising so hopefully we can help a bunch of other people!

Here we go again!

Due to the move, I had to leave all my customers behind so it’s time to build a network of customers again!

Most my business was repeat and word of mouth so I’ve jumped through all the Google hoops to list Wolfshield. Hopefully that gets the name out there! I guess I missed this all the first time around! Luckily, I’ve stumbled upon a few appointments that are lined up this week already so hopefully they can leave some honest reviews!

Move completed

We finally did it! The move to Norfolk is complete. This part of the world was beautiful in February and is stunning in August!

Now to get the comms sorted…

Switches and Router
Potential spaghetti junction?

App Update 4

The vendor of the development software was unable to resolve the Nexus 7 issue but luckily I was able to work it out myself.

The Mac Mini is all set up so I was able to deploy the app to my iPad and the wife’s iPhone with no issues.

Fully registered as a developer for Android (£25 one off fee), Amazon (free) and iOS (£79 a year) now so the app will be released on all three platforms.

Moving on Monday so packing everything at the moment with little time to finish the last parts of the app (rewrite content, create some short scenarios).

Will post again in August.

App update 3

There is a strange problem with old Nexus 7 devices (Android v5.1) which show fail messages but not success messages. This is even more confusing in that the success is not a full success as nothing is logged to my log file but it can connect to the php file.

Testing on a Samsung S6 and the test sandbox environment is fine.

Arriving this week is a Mac Mini so testing can begin on Apple products. Hopefully the bug is confined to old Android versions.

Regardless, I’ve posted online to a forum where i hope I can get some fresh eyes on the problem.

App update 2

Premium content is at 320/450 items.

On review, some of the quantity is variable with some entries being over 900 characters but others at just over 100 so we’re going through it all again and trying to make everything at least 300 chars.

We’re also trying to think of a fair price to charge for the premium content. $5 means we’ll see roughly £2 so we’ll not be retiring any time soon! Although we’ve been at this app for 100s of hours now, we just don’t feel comfortable charging any more. I guess we don’t have the killer instinct required for business!

App update

The app is still in development but significant progress has been made. The free content version of 150 entries is running on Android, albeit in a basic graphical state though the sound is sorted.

Right now, the premium, wordy, content is going in but we’re at 240 of 450 entries for that so that’s going to take a few more weeks.

The move is set for end of July so the app needs to be at professional level,  fully tested on the top 10 android and ios devices then launched before then.

Hurry up and wait

The move to Norfolk has been confirmed so the tuition, home support and programming courses have had to be wound down. Once we move in July we’ll be looking to build clients but for now focus has moved to the creation of assets for the app, assessment software and RPG source pack.