July Update

This month saw us hit over 800 downloads for the RPG Encounter Companion! We’re getting over 100 a month now.

My thanks to Mark who submitted a Bug/Feature report that asked that I include desert and coastal encounter locations. I added desert this month and hope to have the coastal one ready for next month’s update.

Also in this month’s update were button noise changes for the travel section as they made a dice rolling noise or nothing all all. Now all make the “bottle clink” noise. (Remember, if you don’t want sounds just go to the settings screen (the cog icon) and bring the volume slider down.)

We continue to add actual play content to the Podbean and Youtube channels where we now have over 700 views between the two sources. Here’s the latest taster episode:

And here is the full episode on Podbean:

Anyway, time to add some coastal encounters. Happy adventuring!