February Update

All of the new features introduced this month are free. Please consider unlocking the tavern to help fund this app. I’d rather keep it advert free!

As mentioned in the mid Feb update below, I added 200 extra second names this month.

Sneaking around Trappersworth has gained Yolis the nickname, “The Whisperer”

Also I mentioned the algorithm was complete for the places/points of interest in the city. We thought of a few more so there are over 40 unique places and, as I described, there are various states, features and types those can be so there are over 18,000 of those now.

A market is one place that can come up. This will automatically generate multiple stalls.
The places are weighted towards being “in use” with an 8% chance of something extra.

The last goal to complete this month was the City encounter table which I managed to finish at 2am last night! That was cutting it fine! This table is a traditional random one that can be rolled whenever the GM fancies something to happen!

The party almost stumble into the guard patrol just rounding the corner. Hope no-one is wanted!

That’s your lot folks! Next month, I’ll be working on the free features for the Hamlet part of the app which will be a hamlet name generator, points of interest and a random encounter table.