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Actual plays we produce for various RPGs.

Rolemaster series finished

The last episode of Rolemaster was made public recently. It will be good to have my evenings back to work on other things! Currently that is a GM trainer mini adventure set in a maze for Rolemaster on Fantasy Grounds. After that I hope to help the Imaginary Turtles with their RMU campaign source book. I also want to transfer the RPG Encounter Companion to Unity for a nice face lift, remove some of the network features Unity can’t do and then add a little more content.

Slain Heroes

Our Rolemaster actual play series on Fantasy Grounds continues this week. As you can tell from the title, the previous fight did not go well!

As usual, it is also in podcast format

I’ll post soon about the how to play Rolemaster on Fantasy Grounds videos a few days as I have now created 7 of those.

Happy Gaming!

In The Shadow Of The Mountains

Our Adventures in Middle-Earth actual play continues with the fellowship trudging up to their knees in the Gladden Fields looking for news of an evil fortress, the Dwimmerhorn.

As always, we have this in audio only format too in case you need to listen on the move.

Unseen Imaginary Deceased Turtle Spotted!

In our Rolemaster Classic actual play on Fantasy Grounds we encountered the famed weapon fumble, “Stumble over an unseen imaginary deceased turtle…” I love Rolemaster so much!

Catch the episode here where things do not go well. Not well at all!

Don’t forget you can also catch this in podcast (audio only) format if you are on the move and need your eyes for other things!

I’m also doing a how-to guide for Rolemaster Classic using the excellent updated Fantasy Grounds Classic by committed fan and clever bloke, Dakadin. I’ll post the links here soon.

Happy Gaming!