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Over 2 QUINTILIAN Choices!

Rather than release four separate apps, we’ve decided to roll them into one. The thinking being, all you need will be in one central place. With that in mind, we’re changing the name of the app to “RPG Encounter Companion”

The new look front screen

We’re going to add four encounter areas initially. “Inn” is complete and we’re working on “City” at the moment. Vicky is working on the city Character/Event Plot Hooks and I’ve been adding free city content.

The City menu

I’ve added almost 350,000 district names that take a few formats.

I wonder how this place got its name?

Then did a bit of research to generate over 650k street names that also come in a few formats.

A place to pick up a bargain or a new magic item?

But what blew me away was the NPC name generator. I had to learn to break down language into vowel and consonant groupings, make up some second names and then combine them with the code from the district name generator. The first name variations came in at over 4 billion combinations! The second name was a lot tougher and I’ll have to revisit that but that was over 1500 variations. So working all the possible combinations together meant that there were over 2 Quintilian combos! During testing my favourite was, “Ooer Noloins of Lonely Lover Wood”! Spin that reroll button a few hundred times you’ll not get a duplicate!

I think I’d drink if I lived in that scary sounding place!

I’ll be back for the February update. Happy adventuring!