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September Update

This month, for the RPG Encounter Companion, I finished the coastal shore location which brings the total up to 8 travel areas. I also fixed a submission bug where large amounts of text would not be sent. Finally, I fixed some typos and grammar errors that I noticed when testing this update.

Going forward, I want to use Unity to create this and future apps. This will require me to spend time working out how to do that and learn another programming language, C#, which will be used for the advanced scripting I’ll need.

Well that’s it for another month. Happy adventuring!

August Update

We now have OVER 1000 ACTIVE USERS!

Not much done on the app this month as I’ve spent three out of the four and half weeks of August on holiday abroad! Alas, not from the proceeds for the RPG Encounter Companion! This app actually costs me money! Annually, I spend £80 for Apple’s developer licence and almost £150 for website costs. We currently have 34 users who unlocked the Inn premium content (thanks for the support by the way, you’re brilliant). After tax and Google/Apple/Amazon’s cut that is not even £100! Once I release the final free content for the Coastal location, I’m going to have a serious think about whether to put time into more premium content for other areas as that will run into 100s of thousands of words. I may just support the free content and add more to the Inn premium features. Let me know what you think.

During September, I’ll hope to finish the Coastal location.

Happy adventuring!

July Update

This month saw us hit over 800 downloads for the RPG Encounter Companion! We’re getting over 100 a month now.

My thanks to Mark who submitted a Bug/Feature report that asked that I include desert and coastal encounter locations. I added desert this month and hope to have the coastal one ready for next month’s update.

Also in this month’s update were button noise changes for the travel section as they made a dice rolling noise or nothing all all. Now all make the “bottle clink” noise. (Remember, if you don’t want sounds just go to the settings screen (the cog icon) and bring the volume slider down.)

We continue to add actual play content to the Podbean and Youtube channels where we now have over 700 views between the two sources. Here’s the latest taster episode:

And here is the full episode on Podbean:

Anyway, time to add some coastal encounters. Happy adventuring!

June Update

We’re up to over 700 downloads now! Please leave me a rating so I can reach others. If it is going to be a bad one, please talk to me first so I can see if I can change anything to change your mind!

I updated the app this month with some more second names, about another 40 which combine with another list so hundreds more combinations are available.

For those of you who unlocked the Tavern premium content, I have added the ability to mail a saved encounter list to an address you specify. You can then print, edit or whatever it later. Please make sure you check your spam folder if you are sure you got the address correct but still haven’t received the list. My yahoo mail sent it straight to spam but now sends it direct to my inbox.

Work continues on the premium content for the City.

Also, shameless plug again, please check out our actual play sessions for Rolemaster and Adventures in Middle-Earth if you like that sort of thing. I also release them as podcasts in case you fancy a listen to some not too serious roleplaying whilst driving etc. ( )

Here’s a short taster for the latest Rolemaster session…

Anyway, this month I’ll be working on the premium content and also sort out some of the behind the scenes code stuff to make the app easier for me to work with.

Happy Gaming!

May Update

Working on creating character and event descriptions thus no code changes this month though I have got a send mail script working so will add that to the app in the next few weeks. This will allow premium users to mail their saved encounter list in case they want to print it for use in a session later.

I received my first submission in May which will be expanded and added to the Forest section. If you mail me your contact details I can run it by you first. Thank you for taking the time to send one in!

On a non app related matter, we’ve started releasing actual plays for Rolemaster and Adventures in Middle-Earth. The YouTube channel is at

Here’s a quick taster of the AiME series…

April Update

This month’s update provides the last of the encounter and campsite/place random generators. This means you now have thousands of combinations for these in Road, River, Forest, Plains, Hills and Mountains.

Going somewhere?

Combined with all the other free content, I don’t think there is anything that rivals this app on any app store for help with RPG encounter and acts as an excellent companion. All free, no adverts.

But I’m not finished, not by a long way. Over the next few months I’ll be concentrating on bringing premium content to the City, Hamlet and Travel areas. I’ll also be aiming to streamline the NPC names somewhat.

There are over 400 of you lovely people who have used this app now so please help me out and leave a review. I haven’t got any! Or send me a submission so I can include it in the app please!

Regardless, happy adventuring!

March Update

You may notice some buttons being removed from the RPG Encounter Companion. I am still going to implement those features but Apple have moaned about having links to content that is not yet present. As I like to keep the app the same for all platforms, these will be removed for Amazon and Google next month too.

In March, I added the free content for two of the Travel areas, Road and River. There are now thousands of campsite variants and a random encounter table for each. I also combined the campsite with the random encounter tables to get more descriptive encounters or camp sites. I’ve posted a few below.

Who are these warriors up ahead? Is it a rescue mission? An arrest? A macabre internment?
Camped for the night, the party are surprised to observe a trader, pedalling long lost texts emerge from the reeds. Where did he get these from? Is there a structure hidden in the nearby fens?
The group of adventurers are pleased when the river opens out into a lake as the banks are rumoured to be infested with evil creatures. Anchoring out of bow range, they make camp for the night. Something in the murky depths stirs.

In April, I’ll be working on the free content for the final four Travel areas; Forest, Plains, Mountains and Hills. Once complete, I’ll be looking into adding a way to export a saved session encounter list (premium users only) to a pdf or text file. Characters and events are the focus after that.

Happy adventuring!

Free content Added

I’ve released the Hamlet free content for the RPG Encounter Companion early. I spotted a bug on a submissions page that I couldn’t live with. My app vitals showed two crashes and I’ve never had a crash before so I had to stop that right away! I’ve run through my test plan again and it hasn’t thrown up anymore bugs or crashes. That’ll teach me to change even something minor as a name after I’ve tested the app prior to release! Please accept my apologies for one, causing the bug in the first place, and two, for having to give you another update so soon.

The good news is that you now have a hamlet random encounter table, places of interest and names three weeks earlier than expected!

I’m now starting work on the free content for the Travel encounter part of the app. That’s going to be a bit more complex than the previous three areas but I’ll see how much I can get done for the March update. I’m hoping that will all be done by the end of April.

Happy Gaming!

February Update

All of the new features introduced this month are free. Please consider unlocking the tavern to help fund this app. I’d rather keep it advert free!

As mentioned in the mid Feb update below, I added 200 extra second names this month.

Sneaking around Trappersworth has gained Yolis the nickname, “The Whisperer”

Also I mentioned the algorithm was complete for the places/points of interest in the city. We thought of a few more so there are over 40 unique places and, as I described, there are various states, features and types those can be so there are over 18,000 of those now.

A market is one place that can come up. This will automatically generate multiple stalls.
The places are weighted towards being “in use” with an 8% chance of something extra.

The last goal to complete this month was the City encounter table which I managed to finish at 2am last night! That was cutting it fine! This table is a traditional random one that can be rolled whenever the GM fancies something to happen!

The party almost stumble into the guard patrol just rounding the corner. Hope no-one is wanted!

That’s your lot folks! Next month, I’ll be working on the free features for the Hamlet part of the app which will be a hamlet name generator, points of interest and a random encounter table.

Mid Feb update

Work continues on the free parts of the RPG Encounter Companion.

I’ve already added 200 second names for NPCs of format “firstName The yyyy”.

Also, I’ve put in the content for places in the city. Currently, there are 38 types but have various variants for the state of the place, a few features and, for mercantile locations, all the various occupations/goods those could be. I believe that gives over 18,000 variants. I’ve written the algorithm for that and will be coding that this week.

That leaves the City encounter tables to complete for this month’s update.

Vicky is working on the characters and events for the plot hooks. We’ve got 100 character hooks but they need to be fleshed out as they are just brief prompts at the moment.

I’ll have a full update at the end of the month.