2019 Review

Work continues on the new (non RPG related) app using Unity. There hasn’t really been much to update you on, hence no November or December updates and January looks to be the same.

The C# language is easy enough to learn, as is Unity, it is just, well, there is so much more to it! You could easily lose yourself in the Unity engine!

So how did 2019 go? Better than expected really! We have over 1500 downloads of the RPG Encounter Companion! Alas, 46 paid app sales haven’t really justified any more development time for content so that will be it for updates until I port it over to Unity which will be after the new app ships. As mentioned earlier this year, website, developer and software costs meant I spent more on the app this year than I made but luckily I have another revenue stream that pays the bills!

This year I started recording then editing the actual play sessions we do for Rolemaster and Adventures in Middle-Earth. ( https://wolfshield.podbean.com/ ) That has been fun but I’ll probably need to cut one of those in 2020 to make more time available for development of apps.

Speaking of 2020…I’ll launch the new app, move the RPG Encounter Companion over to Unity, continue with one of the actual play podcasts and start on a new mainstream app. Well that’s the plan anyway!

And finally…

I get very few submissions from users for the RPG Encounter Companion, so few in fact that I’ve toyed with the idea of removing it completely but I got one this month that decided the issue…

Location: Ham Sandwich
Event or Character: Character istics are
Description: I pedal to the lake and I play Xbox

Yeah, I’m keeping it in.

Hope you have a great year.

Happy adventuring!